Next Module Up – Hospital Cleaning


I found a .pdf online from a hospital in Europe, showing the cleaning procedure for the different rooms. I decided that my next module would help train cleaners for hospitals.

Without any SMEs to talk to, the online procedure is all I have to go on for the module. Working with an SME would allow me a greater opportunity to combine their expertise with my instructional design skill to bring about something even better.

I’ve only had an hour or two to work on this module. For now, I’ve posted a few screen shots below showing the design and a few interactions in the module.

Title Slide - Hospital Cleaning Module

Title Slide – Hospital Cleaning Module

Importance - Interaction Examples

Importance – Interaction Examples

Completed Importance Examples

Completed Importance Examples

Children’s Book Sample


I created a sample children’s book as a challenge to myself.

It took me about two and a half hours. It actually would have taken less, but a lot of the assets I found were really large. I discovered that when I resized them to a significant amount in Captivate (shrinking by 75% or more), the resolution got really messed up. So I ended up resizing in Inkscape, a free graphics program, and then adding them to the project.

There are a few things I would change for next time. I would double check audio levels to make sure they are all similar. I think they’re close in this project, but would require a little more adjusting. Also, a few of the sounds I chose I no longer like (in particular, the pig).

Front Cover of Sample Children's Book

Gate Screen and Next Steps


I finished a quick gate screen today, with challenge number 3 of the Articulate Storyline Challenges. It was interesting seeing a number of different gate screens from other designers.

After reflecting on a few of my designs so far, I realize I need two things. First, I need to start thinking about collecting professional level assets. I’ve been putting together my own when needed, and quickly. They just aren’t at the level I, or any future clients, are looking for. Second, I need to study up more on color design. I am aware of resources like Adobe’s Color Wheel – but assessing my own designs show I need more work in this area.

Sample Gate Screen

Sample Gate Screen Image

Starting a Portfolio


Today, I was able to finish two practice E-Learning challenges- an Airplane Comparison, and a Tab Template. Both of these exercises taught me a bit more about E-Learning and using Adobe Captivate. It was also fun to see a few other Instructional Designer’s creations, and what they came up with for both challenges.

Interactive Learning

Tab Template

I am going to continue with the Storyline Articulate Challenges for a few more days. Then, I am going to start seeking out small projects for clients to continue improving my skill set.