Valentines Module


I created this module in participation for this week’s E-Learning Challenge. The challenge asked for a Valentine themed game, template, or interactive infographic. I decided to create a “Last Minute Gift Purchaser” for valentine’s day. The idea is that the user, short on time before Valentine’s Day, would be given some quick gift ideas. They would select the ideas that seem best, click the “Buy Your Gifts” button, and a web page would open up ready to purchase the gift!

Valentines Gift Module

Valentines Module Images

While building this module, I ran into some functionality issues with Captivate. It appears you can only open four tabs at once – but my module required up to 8 tabs to be opened at once! So as a workaround, I wrote a short script with javascript that allowed the module to open all 8 tabs if the user selected all 8 gifts. Using javascript as a button action can really open the functionality and flexibility of the program.

Edit – 2/14: I wanted to edit this post for two reasons. First, the module I created was shown in the Articulate Challenge Valentine’s Recap post here! Second, you may notice some differences between the two posts. I made a few small design updates to the “final” version I posted to my blog, based on feedback and other fixes I wanted to make!

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