The Importance of Evaluation


I had the opportunity to show some of my portfolio modules to some “outsiders” – people who don’t have a lot of experience with E Learning. I watched the outsiders work through some of my modules as an evaluation exercise, and it was very useful in understanding the flow and accessibility of the learning within my modules.

In any learning experience, it is very important to keep the “E” in “ADDIE” – evaluation – a constant part of your practice.

I previously posted about some changes I made to a Valentine’s Day module here. After my recent evaluation experience, I decided to focus on my Hospital Cleaning Module.

Hospital Cleaning Demo

There were two areas that I found the learning wasn’t as accessible within my original module design. To improve the design and learning experience, I added a few reminders, and more active buttons on the screen to draw the learner’s eye when necessary. This practice was valuable in recognizing the importance of constant evaluation when it comes to learning development.


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